It is always a huge compliment when a senior security professional gives positive feedback on our security officers.

So big thank you to Mr Sean Boney, Manager for Corporate Security Operations at Advent Health for recognizing the efforts of our security officer, Joseph Jacoby at the hospital’s Westhall site.

On visiting the site for a meeting, he stopped to talk to our security officer.  Joseph is part of the TEAM we call “Shergroupers”.  Each TEAM member is chosen for their skill set and experience, and their personality and work ethic.  As we would expect the security officer let Mr Boney know that he had he stopped a woman from entering the building who was coming to surprise her husband.  A lovely idea, but also a problem to solve under security protocols.  Knowing that domestic issues are possible, our officer explained to Mr Boney that he had verified the visitor before she was allowed access to the building.

Mr Boney has written to our Leadership TEAM to say, “I want to thank all of you and hope you’ll recognize the officer for us.  This was an amazing display of accountability and exactly what we expect.  Thanks for your continued partnership and professionalism.”

Officer Jacoby has received a gift token as part of our Shergrouper Recognition Program.

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