In our team of security officers working patrol in Central Florida we look for people who go the extra mile. So well done to Lonnie at our Tampa base of operations (we can’t tell you exactly where he’s assigned to for security reasons) for being extra vigilantin his reporting.

Shergroup Security Officers produce Daily Activity Reports and in addition Incident Reports for particular situations that crop up during their shift. These reports are fed through to the client and Shergroup Operations TEAM.

They are reviewed, discussed and any necessary follow up action is taken.In one such Incident Report Lonnie took the initiative to speak to a St Petersburg Police Officer who was taking a break close to his patrol route. He explained a particular traffic situation which was causing some concern and asked if the police would support him in his efforts to control the traffic. Not only did the police officer confirm that the support would be given, but he went on to give Lonnie a couple of practical suggestions on how unauthorized vehicles could be dealt with.These suggestions included having “no trespassing” signs in place and calling the police if a trespass occurred. From there if a vehicle trespassed on to the site, Lonnie could ask the police to attendand issue a trespass warning which would be read to the offender. From there if an offender returned to the property they could be trespassed and arrested.

We know from speaking to our client community on a daily basis that this is exactly the sort of pro-active security they want on their property. We pick our security team members for their experience and their commitment to their role. We want our officers to “own” the site they protect and identify security risks. Here the risk was unauthorized vehicles using the client’s property as a parking lot.

The Shergroup Security Officer looked for a solution which was both practical and proportionate by seeking police support. The police officer’s comments were communicated to Shergroup’s client and have been acted upon. So great job by Lonnie,who is himself a Veteran,and who is working with the same diligence as was expected when he was part of the military. TEAM Shergroup salutes you.

Sir and thanks you for your service!

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