We heard a tale this week from one of our client community which just underlined to us – and we hope all our readers – about why Writs of Possession are such a good investment.  And also why Warrants of Possession, while costing less at the front end, can end up being a false economy.

Working with one of favourite solicitors this week, Emily told us that she had advised her client that it would be better to transfer the possession order in her case to the High Court.  In Emily’s own words her client “wasn’t having any of it”.

Eventually after months of waiting (which we find shocking) the eviction was carried out by County Court Bailiffs.  We dread to think how much rent this poor old landlord has lost as a result of trying to save at the front end of the eviction process by paying our fixed fee.  Worse was to come.  The tenants have now broken back in.  So now the claimant must go through the whole process of eviction again.  Emily has advised her client to transfer the possession order to the High Court so she avoids any further delay.  But it doesn’t help with the cost of loss rent that has already been incurred.

So the moral of this blog post is – always include in your claim for possession, a request for the county court to use its discretion to allow transfer to the High Court for enforcement.  When the possession order is made, the “magic wording” will be picked up which enables us to help you transfer the Order.  We then take care of the formalities and the eviction process.  And once we have given possession we have a range of post enforcement security solutions to prevent break-ins.

Thanks to Emily for recognizing that using Shergroup Enforcement gives a quick and efficient service, and is better investment than the County Court system.  We are here to help anyone who needs our advice navigate the process.

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