Oh, Theresa, those necklaces are like a noose around your neck!

It’s probably fair to say most Brits are fed up with Brexit and even the Prime Minister’s choice in necklaces (see https://bit.ly/2Cmo22f posted in the Telegraph).  If only the Irish backstop was as simple at the PM’s choice of fashion accessory.

The whole Brexit process has dragged on and on as everyone involved seems incapable of seeing the end game.

In some ways this is a bit of a British trait – and one that we see here in Shergroup in the processes we work with.

Over the years, and led by our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, we have seen plenty of political “fudge” when it comes to reforming and evolving the system of enforcement of court judgments in England and Wales.  28 years on we are still campaigning to change a Jurisdiction Order which was introduced to create a two-tier system of enforcement agents and which is a real cost to the taxpayer.   Claire has campaigned for nearly 30 years to ensure the court’s order is enforced as efficiently as possible without interfering with the balance between the competing interests of the parties.

Her stated agenda has not changed in all that time.  As the oldest Sheriff’s office in the kingdom, Claire and her team work to enable –

  • Judgments of any value and type to be enforced by High Court Enforcement Officers by removing the politically driven Jurisdiction Order of 1991; and
  • To allow possession orders to be enforced automatically by High Court Enforcement Officers without making landlords jump through the hoops of applying for permission and suffering further financial loss

In both these areas, our CEO has played a leading role in identifying the delay and unfairness of the current systems.  Her long-held belief is that a creditor or claimant who has the benefit of a court order should be able to enforce it immediately without political considerations creating unnecessary hurdles.

So, in these days of Brexit, if you have a judgment or order to enforce – and whether you’re a Brexiteer or a Remainer (it makes no difference to us) you’re welcome to share your frustration and see if we can help you achieve a better outcome.   We have helped people who have already used bailiffs in the High Court and county courts, because there’s more than one path to successful enforcement.

You can vote to use Shergroup every time you need to enforce a judgment or order.  So, don’t get dragged down by “Brexit blues” – give us a call, send us a message, and let’s see what your next move could be!

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