Enforcement services are controversial so it is not surprising they come up on our radar here at Shergroup in the form of parliamentary questions.  The latest question from Rachel Reeves is to ask when the outcomes from the latest review of enforcement will be published – see http://bit.ly/2INeUbD

Actually we thought the outcomes from the Justice Select Committee were sensible and timely.  Enforcement services need an independent regulator and an independent process for handling complaints to an accepted professional standard.  Vested interests must be kept out of the decision making process.  As for the compulsory use of body cams this is now vital.  The days of arguing – he said/she said – when looking at a complaint are no longer acceptable.  The bodycam captures the tone of voice, the body language, the police involvement, the process, and the responses of both parties in real time.  Either the enforcement agent followed the process or they didn’t.

We are looking for the enforcement agents who walk the line of balancing professional conduct with getting results.  It is not an easy line to tread.

If you are interested to see what Parliament is addressing in the enforcement debate you can subscribe to “They Work for You” and the search terms you select will give you the inside track on the sort of questions that are being asked

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