We are immensely proud to congratulate our strategic partners on an exceptional milestone reached this past weekend! With over 20 Vapor Wake® canine teams to secure the Super Bowl stadium perimeter from a potential body-worn explosive attack, we’re positive the teams and their fans felt far safer than they otherwise would have.

Shergroup entered into a strategic partnership with VWK9 to deliver this exceptional service to UK & US clients.  We would go as far as to say it is the missing piece of the jigsaw in the Global fight against international terrorism.  From our base in Orlando, Florida, we spotted this capability 5 years ago.  Through relationship building and strategic partnership, we are now ready to bring this service to our UK & US client communities.

The National Football League used over 20 Vapor Wake® canine teams to secure the Super Bowl stadium perimeter from a potential body-worn explosive attack.

ATLANTAFeb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The National Football League (NFL) utilized over 20 Vapor Wake® Canine Teams at this year’s Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and special events to secure the environments from a possible body-worn explosive attack. NFL security officials were thoroughly impressed by how proactive and non-obtrusive the Vapor Wake® canines were as they secured the venues. Fans and VIPs alike showed their appreciation for Vapor Wake® canine team efforts to keep them safe on gameday.

VWK9 is a commercial canine company with exclusive access to the patented Vapor Wake®Canine technology developed by Auburn University’s Canine Science Program. Vapor Wake®canines are specifically bred Labradors that go through over 18 months of training for explosive trace detection in mass pedestrian transit situations. VWK9 has over 160 Vapor Wake® K9s deployed worldwide, protecting airports, national rail, arenas, stadiums, concerts, casinos, and special events.

Paul Hammond, President of VWK9, had this to say after the event, “It was an honor for our Vapor Wake® canine teams to play their part in the overall NFL Super Bowl Security picture. To witness so many different Government, Police and Commercial organizations come together, with the common goal of providing a secure gameday fan experience, was incredible. With each agency playing their part to ensure there were no security gaps. Unfortunately, the threat of a body-worn explosive attack is ever present at any large event, and as a result VWK9 mobilized in excess of 20 Vapor Wake® Canine Teams to conduct 9 days of body-worn detection operations in support of NFL special events. I am proud of our Vapor Wake®canine teams, who under challenging circumstances always put the mission first and played their part in this year’s Super Bowl success.”

Proud Partners of VAPOR WAKE®

Shergroup is proud to introduce our strategic partners, VWK9, the most innovate forward thinking scientifically-backed Private Sector K9 Company available today. They are best known as the innovator and provider of the patented Vapor Wake® Technology to mitigate the risk of body-worn explosives in mass pedestrian areas, including Vapor Wake school Safety Dogs®.

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