The Power of Smell

Shergroup are proud to introduce our strategic partners, VWK9, the most innovate forward thinking scientifically backed Private Sector K9 Company available today.  They are best known as the innovator and provider of the patented Vapor Wake® Technology to mitigate the risk of body-worn explosives in mass pedestrian areas, including the Vapor Wake School Safety Dogs®.

VWK9 is the premier provider of multi-disciplined canine capabilities to some of the most recognised counter-terrorism units in the U.S. Known around the world for Handler and Supervisor Education, providing the most comprehensive, desirable and principled Canine Program Consultancy available today.

Whether you need canine support at your school, healthcare facility or large-scale event, Shergroup in partnership with Vapor Wake, can work cooperatively with your existing security programmes, by adding another level of security.