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Shergroup is a security company with a fabulous heritage and a progressive approach to its future.

From its base of operations in Orlando, Florida, US, the company is growing its footprint in the US security industry by delivering consistent and professional security operations for its clients. Leaning on its experience of customer experience from its UK parent, the company’s mission is to deliver over 100% satisfaction in its service delivery.

In the UK, we were the original Sheriffs from 1780 to 2004, before we became High Court Enforcement Officers when the UK Government updated the service. Shergroup’s CEO, Claire Sandbrook, was one of the lead negotiators with the Ministry of Justice officials as this ancient system of law enforcement was updated. Today in our UK business we collect debt and recover property for clients across the world, as well as providing security services for Schools, Hospitals, VIPs and everything else in between. Our security expertise grew out of securing land against trespasses from protestors and squatters and keeping it secure, whilst we were working as court officers. We found that the average security company invariably, let the trespassers back in – and we couldn’t allow that!

Fast forward to 2012 when we brought that tremendous experience to the US, where we deliver security services to UK and US standards.

Our business in the UK continues to grow every day with an experienced and committed team whilst our CEO manages the entire Shergroup brand from her office in Orlando. Our international team is supported by our expert administration team based in India. Shergroup India Pvt Limited supports the UK and US businesses around the clock with over 100 years of experience in handling offshore business.

Our daily mission is to deliver consistent quality and provide solutions to our client’s problems when, at times, they may seem unsolvable.


What our clients say:

We previously handled security in-house. So when we looked for a contractor, I was concerned that we would suffer reduced responsiveness, higher turnover, or poor training.

Instead, Shergroup responds to our concerns promptly. Their supervisory team is well connected with local law enforcement, and regularly keeps us abreast of area crime trends and issues.

Their officers are consistent, active, well-trained, and remain focused on protecting our property. They provide regular support to our overnight staff, and are exceptionally responsive to guest needs.

I’ve been VERY happy with the service Shergroup provides my staff and guests, and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for well-trained uniformed officers. 

- Bill Jones, CHA - General Manager, Best Western Orlando Gateway

I had never heard of Shergroup prior to meeting them as an incumbent contractor. So, I was initially concerned about their ability to provide the type of service I was looking for at my shopping center.

I enjoy great communication with each officer. They are well trained, personable, and consistently show up on time – fundamental things that are important to me.

I particularly appreciate how management takes an active role in maintaining standards and evaluating the service. They also respond quickly if I need to adjust the hours or add additional staffing.

Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for personable, well-trained officers, and a responsive, flexible management team that remains continuously engaged.

I’ve been VERY happy with the service Shergroup provides my staff and guests, and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for well-trained uniformed officers. 

- Patrick Murphy, RD Management, LLC - Director, Florida Development

At first, I was concerned whether a security company that we had not used before would be able to handle the unique nature of our properties and celebrity fundraising events, which include dozens of celebrities over a vast and spread out footprint.

However, those reservations were quickly dispensed once I saw the efficiency and professionalism of the staff. 

Shergroup delivers excellent customer service and goes above what is expected by us. Not only are they quick to respond to last minute security needs but they are able to accommodate the unique nature of a multi and mixed-use property such as ours.

I like the attention to detail, the customer -oriented approach and the personal connection we have with our representatives from Shergroup. 

Based on our personal experiences, there is no independent security company I would trust more to meet the demanding needs of our company.

- Mike Nunez - Marketing & PR Manager, Lexin Realty

My main concern is about “community fit”. Will a provider and their officers “fit”the community and it’s homeowners?

To date, Shergroup has done an excellent job of ensuring their officers work well within their community. They have been prompt and responsive to numerous “on the spot” changes to their service.

I particularly appreciate management’s responsiveness, and their ability to adapt at a moment’s notice. 

- Jamar Edge, LCAM - Community Manager , Evergreen Lifestyles Management

My biggest challenge was finding a company that was professional AND affordable. We suffered with a previous contractor whose rates looked attractive, but their performance created continual problems.

I was delighted to find Shergroup was strong in both areas. I am impressed with their immediate responsiveness and willingness to help. 

The most important benefit they’ve provided is peace of mind. I know security coverage will be consistent, and I will be informed immediately about any issues or challenges.

It’s great to work with a company that is able to meet our every need without focusing on the financial benefits. I would recommend Shergroup to anyone looking for an afforable, professional, responsive security partner.

- Ariana Algarin - Property Manager, College Arms Towers

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