Our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, writes on her findings on the enforcement of tribunal awards made by Shergroup Enforcement in today’s blog.

“I was delighted to see today that we recovered 4/5 Awards which were returned to the Ministry of Justice in our quarterly statistics.  In fact the figure would have been 5/5 except that one of the Awards was issued against a company which didn’t actually exist so we couldn’t follow through on the enforcement.

The Awards totalled £13,701.59 and we recovered £12,165.54 for the Judgment Creditors.  I am pleased about this because over the years, having given court users a fast track to enforce Awards through the High Court system, there have been plenty of mutterings about whether this was a good move.  It does annoy me that Government or commentators on enforcement always want to knock a good idea without looking at the data.

So our results this quarter are the real data that Government has actually has every quarter but you never hear anything about.  Its as if all the figures get sucked into Petty France but nobody then wants to publicly talk about them.  Certainly that’s how it seems with the MoJ and the performance of High Court v County Court enforcement.  And of course it’s a pity because this is the sort of data Government should be highlighting instead of how many sheets of paper it has saved in its digital transformation project!

When talking about enforcement it is always important to discuss the data – and make progress on developing data to support the enforcement function.  For the civil enforcement figures Government should be compiling data both for county court bailiffs and HCEOs.  Frankly Government could and should be doing more”.

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